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In Victorian England, a na´ve and unseasoned young man forsakes his aristocratic position and wealth to pursue the passionate love of a beautiful woman. Betrayed by this love and deceived by the man he thought a friend; he finds he is the victim of a sinister plot for revenge.

Starring: Christian Slater, Jared Leto, Derek Jacobi, Claire Forlani
Drama: 1997
Candles In The Dark
Carolina Skeletons
A man re-examines the 1930's murder of two South Carolina white girls to clear the name of the accused black boy. As his innocence is uncovered, potential witnesses suddenly begin to die, the Klan threatens him, and he learns that 30 years later, bigotry still dictates justice in South Carolina.

Starring: Louis Gossett, Jr., Bruce Dern, Mellissa Chessington Leo
Drama, 1991
Dangerous Intentions
Based on a true story, a woman must battle disbelieving parents and an unsympathetic legal system to protect herself and her daughter from an abusive husband. When her new roommate, and supporter, is killed by her own husband, she realizes just how dangerous her path to safety will be.

Starring: Donna Mills, Corbin Bernsen, Robin Givens
Drama, 1994
Fire In The Dark
A 75-year old widow battles herself as she struggles with being a burden to those she loves. Though determined not to rely on her children, she is forced to move in with her daughter after a serious fall, and the family learns to face the future with dignity and hope.

Starring: Olympia Dukakis, Edward Herrmann, Lindsay Wagner, Jean Stapleton
Drama, 1991
Getting Gotti
Though she grew up in the same neighborhood with him, the new Assistant U.S. Attorney is determined to prosecute Mafia boss John Gotti. Uncooperative FBI agents and bureaucrats will not deter the driven young prosecutor as her quest culminates in the memorable and controversial trial of the "Dapper Don."

Starring: Lorraine Bracco, Anothony John Denison, Ellen Burstyn
Drama, 1994
On the cusp of womanhood and unsure of her blossoming sexuality, a Portland teenager is seduced by the thriving underground rock scene. She meets the charismatic rocker of her dreams, and is swept into a carefree world unlike her suburban life of high school football games and college applications.

Starring: Dominique Swain, Sean Patrick Flanery, Tara Reid, Channon Roe, Summer Phoenix
Drama, 1998
Kiss shot
The love for her daughter and the impending loss of her home lead a single mom to become a pool shark. When a promoter arranges a match for her against the man she has fallen in love with, tremendous personal and financial stakes are on the table.

Starring: Whoopi Goldberg, Dennis Franz, Dorian Harewood, Tasha Scott
Drama, 1989
Last Time I Committed Suicide
Young Beatnik, Neal Cassady, loves the beautiful but depressive Joan, but after her attempted suicide he feels her slipping away. Unable to cope with the situation, Neal disappears from her life. Time passes. Neal works at his meaningless job, hangs with his crazy friend Harry, and dreams of "white picket fences" and "happily ever after." When Joan suddenly reappears in his life, Neal grasps at his chance for a happy ending. But on the eve of a new life with Joan, Neal leaves her behind to run a mundane errand he hopes will enhance his chances of starting their future off on the right foot. Little does he know that this simple errand will turn into the detour of a lifetime.

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Thomas Jane, Adrien Brody, Clair Forlani, Marg Helenberger, Gretchen Mol
Liberace: Behind The Music
Fueled by the intense poverty of his youth, Walter Valentino Liberace is determined to become the world's greatest entertainer. Explore the rises and falls, the libel and palimony suits, as this intensely driven man struggles for personal happiness as well as the desire for the title of "Mr. Showmanship."

Starring: Victor Garber, Saul Rubinek, Maureen Stapleton
Drama, 1988
On Street Of L.A.
An estranged father and son are paroled from the same maximum-security prison with one unusual condition, they must become roommates. Their severed bonds are strained as the elder battles to keep his son free from the lures of street life.

Starring: Louis Gossett, Jr., Blair Underwood, Rae Dawn Chong, Tony Plana
Drama, 1993
Princess In Love
The scandalous, true-life story of the rollercoaster love affair between Captain James Hewitt and Lady Diana Spencer that destroyed a royal marriage and stunned the British monarchy.

Starring: Julie Cox, Christopher Bowen, Christopher Villiers
Drama, 1996

Sins Of the Mother
Content to come.
Strange Affair
Determined to leave her husband for his years of gambling and lying, a woman is forced to return after he suffers a debilitating stroke. Her nurturing instinct is challenged by the passion she begins to feel for a local mechanic, so she must walk the line between lust and commitment.

Starring: Judith Light, Jay Thomas, William Russ
Drama, 1995
Sweet Bird Of Youth
In this Tennessee William's play of steamy lust, an aging actress who hasn't made a movie in seven years is appalled by her own image on the screen. Humiliated, she flees from her movie premier and goes into seclusion, becoming entangled with the much younger hotel masseur and resident gigolo.

Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Mark Harmon, Rip Torn
Drama, 1989
To Save The Children
The children of a small town elementary school are held hostage by a madman, who figures them to be the key elements in his bizarre plot to create a "brave new world."

Cokeville, Wyoming - a small, peaceful town, where neighbors know one another, a single officer patrols the area, and guns are used only for hunting. It is a community without the fears of crime embedded in urban America. Nothing could prepare the townspeople for the day when David Young marched into the elementary school with a bomb--and an insidious plot involving the children of Cokeville.

Accompanied by his devoted wife, Dorsie, and augmented by an arsenal of weapons, Young, the former Chief-of-Police of Cokeville, takes the unsuspecting children and teachers hostage. Kathi Davison, Cokeville's new Emergency Management Coordinator, must organize a plan to capture Young, who has demanded a ransom of $2 million per child. Young's daughter, Melanie, backs out of the scheme, and warns Kathi that her father will not be stopped short of completing his plan.

While Kathi and the local officials plan a rescue strategy, they must contend with the onslaught of federal agencies, who they fear will trigger Young into acting before they can stop him. The bomb is attached to Young's wrist in a manner that will automatically activate it if he is shot at or disturbed.

Inside the school, Jake Downey, a popular teacher, strives to maintain calm and order in a truly horrifying situation. He knows Young is a madman, capable of anything, but he feels the hopeful eyes of the children turning towards him. Before the day ends, they will all learn a lesson in the true meaning of courage.

As the day progresses, a dreadful realization becomes clear: Young plans to pioneer a "brave new world" in which he will be the leader of the souls of the children. The terrifying truth that Young can only achieve his goal by engineering a mass suicide in the school renders this a most bizarre and intricate hostage crisis.

Based on a true story, "To Save the Children" rises to a thrilling outcome which is as unpredictable as the events preceding it -- a conclusion to the day long "trial by terror" which is nothing short of miraculous.
Whole Wide World
Based on her acclaimed autobiographical bio - Novalyn Price Ellis, a feisty West Texas schoolteacher has a torrid and turbulent affair with Robert. E. Howard, the great pulp writer of the 1930's. Their unconventional personalities spawned a relationship where eccentricity, intellectual stimulation and romance combined to change their lives forever.

Starring: Vincent D'Onofrio, Renee Zellweger, Benjamin Mouton, Ann Wedgeworth
Drama, 1995