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1st & Ten
The California Bulls football team isn't the best in the league, but they're #1 in zany adventures and sexy escapades. Seductive owner Diane Barrow leads the team through a minefield of crooked agents, wacky cheerleaders and pompous politicians while using her own smooth moves in her wild personal life.

Starring: Delta Burke, Shannon Tweed, O.J. Simpson, Jason Beghe, Cliff Frazier, Tom "Tiny" Lister
TV Series, 80 thirty-minute episodes, 1983-1988 (HBO)
Barbara the Angelis
The Love Doctor, author of a New York Times #1 best-selling book, explores inter-personal relationships in her studio show. Her unique blend of humor, vitality, and professional expertise has made her a guest expert with Oprah, Donahue, Geraldo, and Sally Jesse Raphael.

Starring: Barbara DeAngelis
TV Series, 70 thirty-minute episodes, 1991 (CBS)
The American revival of "Cracker" stars Robert Pastorelli as "Fitz" Fitzgerald, a psychologist working with the Los Angeles police. Fitz doesn't fit the typical stereotype of a psychologist: he's a heavy drinker, a gamble, and wanders from his marital bed. He says exactly what's on his brilliant mind. But Fitz has uncanny success interrogating criminals; after all, he understands their vices, their weaknesses, and their perversities. If only he had as much success understanding his own family. Based on the esteemed British series.

Starring: Robert Pastorelli, Angela Featherstone, Carolyn McCormick, Robert Wisdom, Josh Hartnett, and R. Lee Ermey Guest Star: Mariska Hargitay
Criminal Confessions
A behind-the-scenes look into the criminal mind through never-before-seen interrogations and confessions of convicted criminals caught on videotape. Join experts as they examine the puzzling reasons and often disturbing realities behind these crimes.
Documentary Crime Special, One-Hour episode, 1998

Family Pictures
Over a 40-year period, the Eberhardt family struggles to survive a flootide of upheaval and heartbreak, love and betrayal, passion and pain… hoping they can someday heal their hearts and return to the perfect family captured in the pictures of photo albums past.

Starring: Anjelica Huston, Sam Neil, Kyra Sedgwick, Demot Mulroney
Glory Years
Three reunited buddies take off to Vegas with their high school's alumni college fund and a plan: Win enough to pay off a loan shark, return the fund, and still make a profit. In their pursuit, the fearsome trio wrestles thugs, police, irate finances, hookers and a Colombian Army Corps.

Starring: Tim Tomerson, Tawny Kitaen, Archie Hahn, George Dzundra, Mamie Van Doren, Joey Bishop
Comedy miniseries, Three hours, 1991
Presented by director Robert Altman, this anthology series features the outcome of a gun falling into the hands of different sets of characters. Top actors, writers and directors contribute a different story to each episode.

Starring: Daryl Hannah, Sally Kellerman, Randy Quaid, Jennifer Tilly, Sean Young, Rosanna Arquette, Peter Horton, Carrie Fisher, Daniel Stern, Ed Begley, Jr., Kathy Ireland, Nancy Travis, Martin Sheen, Tess Harper, Fred Ward, Edward James Olmos, Marie Conchita Alonso.
TV Series, 6 sixty-minute episodes, 1996 (ABC)
Harts of the West
After a heart attack, an urban lingerie salesman decides to pursue his dream of becoming a cowboy. But the scenic brochure of the Flying Tumbleweed Ranch doesn't quite capture the difficulty of operating a working ranch, nor the eccentric characters he and his family encounter in their new life.

Starring: Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Harley Jane Kozak
TV Series, 15 sixty-minute episodes, 1993 (CBS)
Innocent Victims
Under the media's glare, a shrewd DA uses clever legal tactics, circumstantial evidence and vague witnesses to wrongly sentence a young man to death. The convicted's parents, wife and two young lawyers exert superhuman efforts that result in "lost "evidence uncovered and "missing" witnesses found… and, finally, a new trial.

Starring: Hal Holbrook, Rick Schroder, Rue McClanahan, Howard Hesseman
JFK: Reckless Youth
Explore the wild, early years of president John F. Kennedy: The torrid affair with Inga Arvad (who was suspected of being a Nazi spy), his cavorting college days, his rivalry with brother Joe, Jr., and his PT109 adventures in this rarely recounted period of the now mythic leader.

Starring: Patrick Dempsey, Yolanda Jilot, Terry Kinney, Claire Forlani
Drama Miniseries, four hours, 1993
Mike Hammer
Mike Hammer, Mickey Spillane's great detective hero, constantly faces seductive sex, non-stop action, deception and cunning enemies but manages to conquer all.
Relatively Speaking
A game show asks the relatives of famous people questions about their well-known kin, and contestants must guess the identity of the celebrity.

Starring: John Binder - Host
TV Game-Show Series, 90 thirty-minute episodes, 1978
Then There Were Giants
Explore the dramatic rivalry, friendship and competition between the great Allied wartime leaders: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. Combining live action with WWII footage, still photography , and a powerful classical sore, this story powerfully depicts the intensity and precariousness as these men lead the world through war.

Starring: Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins, John Lithgow, Ed Begely, Jr.
Trial Watch
Delve inside court cases to witness the clandestine arrangements, secretive investigations and plea bargaining. This magazine show provides and insider's view of the unfolding drams in significant cases such as the Marlon Brandon homicide trial and the Elizabeth Taylor slander suit.
Documentary Crime Series, 118 One hour episodes, 1991 (NBC)
Tropical Heat (3 Seasons)
After a few two many clashes with his superiors, brash agent Nick Slaughter finds himself out of the Drug Enforcement Administration and on the beautiful atoll of Key Mariah. What appears as a calm, idyllic setting for retirement quickly proves to have more than enough work for Nick and his more rational counterpart, partner Sylvia Girard. The appearance of dead bodies, drug running and beautiful beach women all draw Nick into a series of steamy new adventures.

Starring: Rob Stewart, Carolyn Dunn, Pedro Armendariz
Unauthorized Biographies

Would You Believe It
Journey around the globe in search of the fun, the fascinating, and the bizarre. Spellbinding stories of Ghosts, UFO's, Aliens, Medical Anomalies, and Witches have made this series and audience favorite.