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Black and White
A shy rookie cop finds himself in a passionate affair with his partner, a tough, sexy woman who is legendary for ruthlessness. But when the rookie receives mysterious evidence, he must face the possibility that his partner - and lover - is now the prime suspect of the grisly murders.

Starring: Gina Gershon, Rory Cochrane, Ron Silver
Suspense Thriller, 1998
Blue Ice
Cops Are Robbers
Criss Cross
The mysterious death of a woman leads agent Nick Slaughter to a sexy and deceptive suspect. Nick must untangle her web before she kills all her conspirators, frames him for the murder, and eludes capture through identity-changing plastic surgery.

Starring: Rob Stewart, Cynthia Belliveau
Suspense Thriller, 1996
Deadly Exposure
Donor, The
Billy Castle (Jeff Wincott) is a stuntman who lives for excitement and danger, but he may die for it as he gets caught up in more adventure than he has ever bargained for. Billy wakes up one day to find that he has been seduced, violated and robbed. Somehow he has become a crop and is being harvested.

Starring: Jeff Wincott, Michelle Johnson
Suspense/Thriller, 1995
An identical twin assumes the identity, job and wife of his brother in a malicious scheme to exact revenge on the family who abandoned him years ago. Can his brother stop his evil twin before he's lost everything and everyone he loves?

Starring: Jack Wagner, Alexandra Paul
Suspense Thriller, 1996

Every Woman's Dream
To David Miller's two wives, he's a CIA agent, frequently deployed on dangerous and secret missions, and a millionaire studio executive, who bravely overcame cancer. When one wife begins to peel away the deceptions to discover his duel life, Mitch will do anything to protect himself - even murder.

Starring: Jeff Fahey, Kim Cattrall, De Lane Matthews
Suspense Thriller, 1995
Fatal Combat
Houston Armstrong, a reclusive billionaire, runs a private broadcast facility deep within the Artic Circle. His program "No Exit", features bizarre man-to-man combat events that are fought to the death. Always on the lookout for the next combatant, Armstrong kidnaps John Stoneman, a master martial artist who has made national news for killing the attacker who murdered his wife and unborn child. Stoneman is forced to do battle against the reigning "No Exit" champion in a fight where he must kill or be killed.

Starring: Jeff Wincott, Phillip Jarret
Loosely based on the fable Little Red Riding Hood, this gritty thriller follows a savvy young lady as she leaves her dysfunctional family for peace in the trailer-home of her grandma. Pursued by an evil, child psychologist on her journey for redemption, she must use wit and cunning to survive.

Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Reese Witherspoon, Brooke Shields, Dan Hedaya, Wolfgang Bodison, Amanda Plummer
Produced by Oliver Stone
Suspense Thriller, 1995
Fugitive Rage
Blinded by grief and anger over the acquittal of the murderer of her younger sister, Patricia Ray walks into a crowded courtroom and shoots the murderer, notorious mobster. Sent to a federal work camp, Patricia finds herself chained to Cassandra Hope, a mean convict with nothing to lose. When a murder attempt by a corrupt guard backfires, they seize their opportunity and escape. Chained together and on the run from both the mob and the law they have nowhere else to turn but within.

Starring: Shauna O'Brien Wendy Schumacher
Action Adventure
Hard Bounty
When bounty hunter Martin B. Kanning hangs up his guns to become a saloon owner he finds himself the mediator to a bevy of "working girls". When one of the girls is brutally murdered, the others ride off in hot pursuit of the killer. Kanning decides to strap his guns back on for one last time to help the girls out and insure that justice will be served.

Starring: Matt McCoy, Kelly LeBrock, Rochelle Swanson
Inner Action
Vincent Volpe and John Ryan were the best of friends until a twist of fate led John to a lifetime in and out of prisons and left Vincent a free man. When John ends his life of crime to become a detective and pay back society for his past misdeeds, he is hired by a mysterious woman to protect her from her possessive ex-husband who is not only a powerful crime boss but John's ex-friend Vincent. Matters go from bad to worst when the woman is killed and Vincent is convinced that John is the murderer.

Starring: Michelle Johnson, Doug O'Keefe, Damian Lee
Irresistible Impulse
Once a hot shot real estate agent, Richard Lovejoy has fallen on hard times. With the once booming real estate market bottoming out and hounded by a loan shark trying to collect on a gambling debt Richard grows desperate. Falling victim to his own greed and lust Richard is drawn into a plot with Jeannine, a sexy young secretary, to forge checks in order to steal money from her rich boss. Realizing Jeannine's plan is a trap Richard battles to find a way to pull himself out of this quicksand and regain control of his life.

Starring: Doug Jeffrey, Lee Anne Beaman, Kathy Shower
Jack Reed 3-"Search For Justice"
Dedicated police officer Jack Reed must battle corruption and apathy in his own department as he attempts to solve the brutal murder of a topless dancer by a respected car salesman.

Starring: Brian Dennehy, Charles S. Dutton, Susan Ruttan, Miguel Ferrer
Suspense Thriller, 1994
Jack Reed 4-"One Of Our Own"
When Jack's partner is killed, he is framed for the murder. To avenge his partner's death and protect his innocence, he must capture the drugged-out killer and unveil the corrupt politicos who hired him.

Starring: Brian Dennehy, Charles S. Dutton, Susan Ruttan, Kevin Dunn
Suspense Thriller, 1995
Jack Reed 5-"Death & Vengeance"
Two stories intertwine dealing with the different meanings of justice for the rich and poor in America. Jack investigates the death of three Russian immigrants against the apathy of his department, while the son of a prominent politician commits vehicular homicide and tries to broker a secret deal.

Starring: Brian Dennehy, Charles S. Dutton, Susan Ruttan, Joe Morton, Anthony Zerbe
Suspense Thriller, 1996
Lady Killer
A woman attempts to put an affair with a handsome surgeon in her past, until he attacks and rapes her. Unable to tell her husband of her secret, the man insidiously begins to date her daughter, who brings him to a family vacation that results in a struggle for survival.

Starring: Judith Light, Jack Wagner, Ben Masters, Tracy Gold
Suspense Thriller, 1995
Maximum Revenge
Innsmouth Prison is being shut down and all that remain are the Warden, four guards and six Death Row inmates, including Mace Richter, a former CIA operative framed for a murder he didn't commit. A renegade branch of the government wants Richter dead and organizes an assault on the prison featuring some of the best assassins in the world. Seeing no way out the Warden arms his prisoners and delegates Mace to lead the group who join forces with their former captors to do battle against an army of highly trained mercenaries.

Starring: Paul Michael Robinson, Landon Hall
Murder c.o.d.
Using a vast wealth of intelligence gathering resources, Alex finds people who have a motive for killing their enemies and then commits the murder without the "beneficiary's" knowledge. He sends them an invoice for $100,000 with a threat that nonpayment will result in being framed for the murder, a crime they had the most motive to commit. Police Commander, Tim Murtaugh, had been the unwitting recipient of Alex's "services" years before and now must find the killer who has his sights again set on Tim and his wife.

Starring: William Devane, Patrick Duffy, Meriette Hartley, Charles Robinson
Powder Burn
It started out as a routine wife-spying job for a jealous husband, but when the wife's lover is murdered, private investigator Jack Becker becomes the prime suspect. The stakes grow even higher and the situation more dangerous when family, friends, the murdered lover and even the police are implicated in this deadly web of deception. With the help of the wife's sexy young step-daughter, Jack must do everything in his power to beat the odds in this treacherous game of life, death and love.

Starring: Elisabeth Barry, Tess Colonello, Lee West
Rapid Assult
In a hijacked seabase thousands of feet below the ocean's surface, freelance terrorist, Lars Rynark threatens to release a dangerous biotoxin that will destroy the entire undersea ecosystem. The government deploys a small attack force of navy seals and CIA operatives. They have only three hours to stop Rynark and neutralize the bioweapon before a U.S. nuclear submarine launches a last ditch effort attack on the sealab which will not only destroy the biotoxin but the U.S. assault team as well.

Starring: Tim Abell, Jeff Rector, Lisa Mazzetti
Street Law
John Ryan is a brilliant, but down-on-his-luck trial lawyer who is trying to make a difference. Along comes his childhood friend, ex-con Louis Calderone who wants to help him out… for a price. Ryan is forced into a dangerous life of crime never before imagined and suddenly finds himself tested to the limit of the law, the law he has worked his entire life to defend.

Starring: Jeff Wincott, Paco Christian Prieto, Christina Cox, Richard Yearwood
They Nest
Under Lock And Key
F.B.I. special agent Danielle Pewters, must work undercover inside a dangerous maximum security women's prison. She must gain the confidence of a beautiful inmate, Sarah, the ex-girlfriend of a ruthless drug lord, Carlos Vega. After Danielle's cover is blown Vega kidnaps her daughter. Now Danielle is on a mission of rage… and revenge.

Starring: Wendi Westbrook, Barbara Niven
Action/Adventure 1995
Under the Gun
Over the years, debt-ridden club owner Frank Torrance has had to put up with everything from crazy drug dealers to obsessed cops to psychotic hitmen. After a decade of begging, borrowing and stealing, he's decided to call it quits. But he still owes. Big time! So when he's called to the table he is forced to fight one last time in a battle with the hope, that when the smokes clears, he'll be the last one standing.

Starring: Richard Norton, Kathy Long
Action/Adventure, 1995