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Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrets
Three best friends find out the man they all desire is an alien intent on using them as subjects to study female reproduction. Fantasies become reality as the three search through time and space to confront their deepest desires.

Starring: Darcy DeMoss, Pia Reyes
Erotic, 1995

Andromina: The Fantasy Planet
Andromina, a planet that sits at the outer reaches of the galaxy, is rumored to be full of erotic pleasures - but no one has ever returned from the mysterious place. A group of handsome explorers has been dispatched by the Galactic Alliance to discover the planet's special kind of entertainment.

Starring: Craig Jorgensen, John Matrix, Mike Roman, Shyra DeLand, Sam Phillips, Griffin Drew
Erotic, 1999
Blonde Heaven
Just arrived in Hollywood, an Oklahoma farm girl has landed a job at the most exclusive resort in town. When she realizes her boss and coworkers have unearthly powers and feast on human flesh, she must battle not only her new friends, but her deepest sexual desires.

Starring: Julie Strain, Michelle Bauer, Joe Estevez, Monique Parent
Erotic, 1994
Cave Girl Island
Intergalactic beach babes crash land on a primitive island and explore the "wild life" with the local caveboys. Chased by rampaging dinosaurs, and pursued by an evil megalomaniac, the stranded space sirens somehow find time to get the island rockin' before they fix their rocket and fly home.

Starring: Sara Bellomo, Stephanie Hudson
Erotic, 1995
Confessions of a Lap Dancer
A stripper and occasional hooker is addicted to the money and attention her profession provides. When a "john" turns out to be a friend of her attorney boyfriend and she is arrested, she vows to change her lifestyle and embrace those who care for her.

Starring: Blake Pickett, Doug Jeffery, Amy Lindsey
Erotic, 1997
Diary Of Lust
When a beautiful sex researcher checks into a legendary Eastern European castle to document its strange psychic properties and their effects on the human libido, she discovers an ancient diary which unlocks not only the steamy past of the castle, but her own lustful nature as well.

Starring: Michelle Turner, Mia, Julia Kruis, Cara Keys
Erotic, 2000
Dream Master: The Erotic Invader
In an attempt to manipulate and control his sexual dreams, a grad student uses experimental methods to confront the beautiful woman of his desire. Other grad students enter his dream, attempting to break him free from the eternally pleasurable, yet destructively consuming siren.

Starring: Cassandra Leigh, Jennifer Barnes, Timothy DiPri, Mark Sherman
Erotic, 1995
Dungeon of Desire
While touring the ancient ruins of a castle, three co-eds tumble upon a porthole in time hidden in the dark dungeon. Stepping through, they are transported back to a feudal land where they become embroiled in passionate trysts in the erotic world of a randy Count.

Starring: Michelle Turner, Regina Russell, Amber Newman, Mia, Ed Johnson
Erotic, 1999
Erotic Boundries
A woman, bored with her mundane, married sex life, explores an affair through a wild and uninhibited sex club. She becomes so obsessed that she lets the rest of her life go, leaving room for her husband's secretary to hatch a steamy, but evil plan.

Starring: Kathy Showers, Tim Agee, Chris Johnston, Lisa Comshaw
Erotic, 1997
Erotic Confessions
Responding to her fans erotic secrets and fantasies, best-selling author Jacqueline Stone allows these desires to take form and come true! These provocative episodes feature Playboy Playmates and Penthouse Pets cast in a variety of settings and at their alluring best.

Starring: Playboy Centerfolds, Penthouse Pets
Erotic Series, 39 thirty-minute episodes, 1996-1997
Erotic House Of Wax
In this house of wax, when the heat turns up, the statues turn on. The most beautiful and powerful people in the history of the world, immortalized in wax, are about to come back to life for an exotic extravaganza of ecstasy.

Starring: Josie Hunter, Jacqueline Lovell, Everett J. Rodd
Erotic, 1997
Exotic Time Machine
Take a bawdy blast to the past with two lusty time travelers as they experience pleasures of historical proportions. Witness centuries of passion as they visit Marie Antoinette's boudoir, Chicago in the roaring 20's, the Bastille and Aladdin's lusty magic.

Starring: Gabriella Hall, Joseph Daniels, Nikki Fritz
Erotic, 1998
Exotic Time Machine 2
Two lusty time travelers must go back through time to protect their technology from thieves. Along the way, they meet and "mingle" with 60's hippy sisters Trippy and Moonbeam, and have an erotic blast with a cast of history's most famous characters.

Starring: Jay Stewart, Holly Sampson, Shyra DeLand, Leah York, Gabriella Hall
Erotic, 1997
An alien civilization has evolved to the point that they have lost the ability to experience physical pleasure. They send a representative to Earth, taking the form of a perfect human female, who chooses sexy subjects to try and unlock the secrets of sensuality.

Starring: Vanesa Talor, Jacqueline Lovell, Matt Shue, Kurt Schwoebel
Erotic, 1996
Femalien 2
After completing her erotic assignment on Earth exploring human pleasure, a beautiful alien has decided to rebel, and stay awhile. Two more "Femaliens" have been dispatched to bring her back, but they find a much more stimulating mission along the way.

Starring: Damian Wells, Summer Leeds, Vanesa Talor
Erotic, 1998
Forbidden Passions
A beautiful, young, Virtual Reality programmer is killed when an evil man steals her "Dreamworlds" program and leaves her trapped in a fire. In the afterlife, she is asked to help hurting souls trying to make their way in life via Virtual Reality, her imagination and her gifted lovemaking.

Starring: Debra Beatty, Rebecca Taylor
Erotic, 1995
Hidden Beauties: The Awakening
When a sister and brother discover three beautiful women in a coma-like trance deep in the dungeon of their newly inherited English castle, they wake each beauty with a kiss. But they soon find that they have also awakened centuries of pent-up passion!

Starring: Michelle Hall, Catalina, Jon-Damon Charles, Kirk Enochs
Erotic, 1998
Hotel Exotica
A couple checks into Hotel Exotica to bring romance back into their marriage, but soon find the wildest sexual adventure of their lives is just beginning. This is no ordinary bed and breakfast; it's an otherworldly force of erotic energy that stirs fantasies they never knew existed.

Starring: Landon Hall, Dutch Flaherty, Taylor St. Claire
Erotic, 1998
Indecent Behavior 3
A sex therapist allows investigators to use her office as a trap for a vicious murderer who is targeting her colleagues. But the killer knows her every move and she goes from being the hunter to the hunted in this steamy psychological game of erotic chess.

Starring: Shannon Tweed, Sam Hennings
Erotic, 1995
Insatiable Wives
A wife with a stable, but boring, husband awakens one morning miraculously married to her friend's sexually insatiable man. Deciding she must be dreaming, she takes advantage of the situation, waking up each morning to a new erotic encounter with another of her friend's husbands.

Starring: Stephanie LaFleur, Nicholas Yff, Adam Fine
Erotic, 1998
Intimate Sessions
Follow the lives of 13 sexy women as they sort out, with the help of a therapist, the ins and outs of their love lives.

Starring: Multiple performers
Erotic Television Series, 13 thirty-minute episodes, 1997/1998 (HBO)

Kissing A Dream
Disenchanted with her job and cheating husband, an ad copywriter places a personal ad for a lover that is quickly answered. What begins as a torrid and passionate liaison turns into an exercise in dangerous obsession.

Starring: Erin Lanza, Tracy Dali, Simon Page, Sheri Eckert
Erotic, 1995
L.I.P. Service
In the erotically charged world of an oh-so-private eye and her under-the-covers secret operatives, cheating lovers, errant husbands and wayward wives are all in a day's work. When a famous porn star gets kidnapped; the L.I.P. Service girls swing into action to catch the bad guy.

Starring: Zoe Paul, Elina Madison, Michelle Turner, Venessa Blair
Erotic, 1999
Love Exchange
In this exclusive neighborhood, the Welcoming Committee brings more than just a fruit basket; they bring their sexual partners. When a young couple is drawn into this promiscuous, partner-swapping ring, will they ever return to normal life?

Starring: Holly Sampson, Taylor Moore, Cheyenne, Eddie Jay, Ben Brown, David Usher, Richard Neil, Shannan Leigh, Tre Temptor
Erotic, 2000
Love Me Twice 2
Beautiful twins possess different personalities - one prim and the other wild - yet they share one murderous secret. A public defender must battle his growing obsession for one of the twins as he attempts to unravel their secrets of identity and deceit.

Starring: Monique Parent, Roberta Davis, Jeff Thomas Johnson
Erotic, 1996
Madame Hollywood
A wanna-be starlet turns her stripping career into a business that caters to the very wealthy and discreet gentleman of Los Angles. Her new endeavor is soon discovered by the L.A. vice squad and she beings a steamy romance with a very handsome detective.

Starring: Mia, Shauna O'Brien Erotic, 2002
Miami Models
A chauffer and his teen son, left alone in a million-dollar mansion in Miami Beach, decide to open a modeling agency for blondes only. When their sexy operation runs into a few snags, the buxom beach beauties must use their bodies and their wits in this comic, sun-soaked romp.

Starring: Jeff Mustard, Gregory Van Dam, Christine Jakobi, Ute Weigel, Jennifer Langdon, Marita Makonnen
Erotic, 1995
Mistress Club, The
Revenge was never sexier. When three women are cheated on and jilted by their husbands, they decide to get even and open up The Mistress Club, where seduction is the name of the game and forbidden sex is its natural outcome.

Starring: Shauna O'Brien, Griffin Drew, Kira Reed, Jesse Coleman, John Smith
Erotic, 1999
Naked Thief, The
When a stunning, convicted jewel thief and her handsome lover get together, the neighbors' jewels turn up missing. The cops are hot on the case, following any lead, including the one that takes them to a beautiful woman's bed.

Starring: Holly Sampson, Gabriella Hall, Shannon Duffy, Hall Hutton, Steve Curtis
Erotic, 2001
O Lita 2000
In the near future, sex is illegal and a young woman has been given the responsibility of monitoring and destroying any unacceptable materials. But In the process of her work, she becomes excited and broadcasts her erotic adventures throughout the universe, while satisfying her own forbidden fantasies.

Starring: Jacqueline Lovell, David Squires, Skylar Nicholas
Erotic, 1997
Passion Obsession
When a beautiful private eye tracks a handsome model, she discovers why he's not only the ideal centerfold, but every woman's sexual fantasy. Her pursuit introduces her to the lustful temptation of the Celebrity Underworld… a secret society where every kinky desire is fulfilled.

Starring: C.C. Rostigan, Dave Roth, Regina Russell, Shyra DeLand, Sam Phillips
Erotic, 1999
Passion's Desire
A man has to rely on his heart and hormones to make some difficult choices: Should he be with his girlfriend Cindy, who is unbelievably good in bed, Donna, who is experimental and edgy, or Jill, his best friend and caring companion?

Starring: Jeff Davis, Amy Lindsay, Lisa Comshaw
Erotic, 1998
Petticoat Planet
When a hard-luck space commander's dilapidated craft crashes in Puckerbush Gulch, his luck takes a turn for the better. Populated by gun-toting, hard-drinking cowgirls, this ideal situation turns complicated as the commander learns the problems associated with being the sole male in a town of sensual, lonely women.

Starring: Elizabeth Kaitan, Troy Vincent, Leslie Kay Sterling, Betsy Lynn George
Erotic, 1995
Phantom Love
A romance writer, looking for inspiration in a European castle, becomes obsessed with the private diaries of the sexy young duchess who once lived there. The writer opens up to the endless possibilities of love and sensuality that surround her, and succumbs to the castle's legacy of lust.

Starring: Michelle Von Flotow, Jesse Johnson, David Christensen, Sandy Wasko
Erotic, 1999
Platinum Blonde
A platinum blonde angel has a special mission: Bring together deserving lovers. Can she release the inner seductress in a bookish marketing exec, help the bachelor in love with his brother's bride-to-be, and get the film editor together with the buxom starlet?

Starring: Holly Sampson, Shauna O'Brien, Mia, Shannon Leigh, Danny Pape, Tim Stempien
Erotic, 2001
The crew of the Prometheus is on a routine mission when an unexpected attack on their ship by the dangerous Mutarian race threatens their lives. Once they defeat their attackers, the captain boards the ship to discover its magnificent cargo - three beautiful sirens with an insatiable appetite for men!

Starring: Juan Carlos, Billy Riverside, Brandy Davis, Taimie Hannum
Erotic, 1998
Regina Pierce Affair
When a beguiling, eccentric millionaire steals back her own art donation from a museum, a detective must piece together her motivations while trying to avoid getting wrapped up in her dark, erotic secrets

Starring: Brian Heidik, C.C. Rostigan, Holly Sampson, Amber Newman
Erotic, 2000
Shandra: The Jungle Girl
Deep in the heart of the South American jungle, a legendary creature known only as "Shandra" has been attacking men by the light of the full moon. But this extraordinary invader inflicts pleasure rather than pain!

Starring: Lisa Throw, Mia, Drake Tatum, Lisa Comshaw, Burke Morgan
Erotic, 1999
Spirit Of The Night
When a demure and beautiful architect returns to her home of North Wales for a funeral, an age-old curse brings out strange passions and ancient secrets. With her new sexual and personal awakening comes a possessive evil, which she must battle in an internal erotic struggle.

Starring: Jenna Bodner, Michael Wiseman, Charles Cooper, Blair Valk
Erotic, 1994
Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000
Two lust-seeking pioneers from a cold, sexless future travel back through time to find the passions of the past. Pursued by a relentless cyborg sent by the evil Super Corporation from the future, the two find themselves in a boarding school full of beautiful coeds.

Starring: Morgan Fairchild, Tamara Tohill, Ian Abercrombie, Brian Bremer.
Erotic, 1993
Timegate: Tales Of The Saddle Tramps
Four beautiful women stumble upon a time portal that transports them back to the wild western town of Pecos Gulch. When they are mistaken for brothel babes, they get a hankerin' for some real cowboy action!

Starring: Amy Lindsay, Kim Yates, Nicholas Yff, Jim Stevens, Michelle Bauer
Erotic, 1999
Tropical Tease

Veronica 2030
A brilliant scientist has just completed the perfect android woman, but there's a problem with the programming. The robot has discovered the pleasures of human passion and the insatiable android must be stopped before she has a sexual short circuit!

Starring: Julia, Joseph Roth, Stephanie La Fleur
Erotic, 1998
Virgins Of The Sherwood Forrest
A beautiful woman is struck on the head and transported back in time to Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood and his Merry Men. As she romps in the woods, seduces Robin, and witnesses debauchery of mythical proportions, she can't help but wonder… is this real, or just a dream?

Starring: Gabriella Hall, Jay Stewart, Dave Roth, Shannon Leigh
Erotic, 1999
Virtual Encounters
A beautiful young woman takes the most erotic journey of her life when Virtual Encounter's incredible technology allows her to assume any role in their vast library of steamy, delicious scenarios. Her digital tour guide leads her through one exotic adventure after another, rekindling her long-lost lust for life.

Starring: Elizabeth Kaitan, Taylore St. Claire, Rob Lee
Erotic, 1996
Virtual Encounters II
At Midvale College, cybersex has reached a new dimension. Virtual Encounters is the hottest new hangout on campus where anyone can create the erotic partner of their dreams.

Starring: Adam Fine, Brandy Davis, Chris Cleveland, Jill Tompkins, Nikki Fritz
Erotic, 1998
Zorrita: Passion's Avenger
An ancient medieval legend tells of a beautiful maiden who championed the poor people of her village by using her erotic powers over the feudal lords. In present day, the legend is reborn when a mild-mannered beauty becomes the zesty Zorrita to battle and seduce for the good guys.

Starring: Shauna O'Brien, Nancy O'Neil, Venessa Blair, Jesse Coleman, Morgan Daniel
Erotic, 1999