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Alien Arsenal
Aliens In The Wild, Wild West
A family road trip mysteriously sends two teens and their parents back to 1880's Wild West. When a poacher finds a large furry alien creature caught in one of his traps, the curious teenagers realize they're dealing with more than strange time travel - now UFO's are visiting the old west!

Starring: Taylor Locke, Carly Pope, Barna Moricz, Markus Parilo, Gerry Quigley, Gloria Slade
Family, 1999
Brave Little Toaster 2
Brave Little Toaster 3
When a boy and his friends sneak into the apartment of an eccentric clockmaker, they push the wrong button, causing one of them to get launched back into time! Now, the adventurers must travel back in time to save their friendů and the future.

Starring: Anthony Medwetz, Katie Johnston, Zachary McLemore
Family, 1997
Dragon World: The Legend Continues
A young boy, trained in the ways of magic, is the one true friend and protector of Yowler, the last dragon on Earth. When the Dark Knight plans to use Yowler's blood to begin a new age of darkness, he must defeat the Knight before the reign of terror unfolds.

Starring: Drake Bell, Andrew Keir, Tina Martin
Family, 1997
Excalibur kid
Based on the classic legend of young King Arthur and Excalibur, a young boy finds himself caught up in an evil witch's plan to prevent Arthur from accepting his birthright. He and Merlin must thwart her plan to assure Arthur's ascent to the throne.

Starring: Jason McSkimming, Francois Klanfer, Mak Fyfe
Family, 1998
Incredible Genie, the
A boy who knows everything, except how to make friends, winds up in possession of a magic lamp from the pyramids of Egypt. When a real-live Genie appears, his miss-spells land the boy in trouble with school and the government, but gain him great new friends and magical memories.

Starring: Matt Koruba, Stacie Randall, Biff Manard, George Miserlis
Family, 1997
Johny Mysto: Boy Wizard
An unsuccessful young magician becomes the owner of an enchanted ring that bestows its wearer with great powers. When a disappearing trick with his brother proves too successful and transports him to the past, he must not only rescue him, but settle a dispute among feuding warriors in ancient England.

Starring: Toran Caudell, Russ Tamblyn, Patrick Renna
Family, 1996
Josh Kirby: Time Warrior! (6 films)
Fourteen-year-old Josh Kirby hurtles through time, engaging in some serious adventures! From riding giant dinosaurs to becoming a human pet, the young Josh must use his wits and cunning as he battles the evil Dr. Zoetrope.
Join him in these exciting adventures:

Starring: Corbin Allred, Jennifer Burns, Derek Webster, Spencer Rochfort
Family Series, Six, 90-minute features, 1995
Little Ghost, The
A young boy is forced to compete with his mother's selfish boyfriend for her time and affection. While accompanying her to an Italian villa, he receives surprising assistance in a mischievous young ghost, a more than willing accomplice in his plot to agitate, confuse, and frustrate the self-centered suitor.

Starring: Kristina Wayborn, James Fitzpatrick, Sally Kirkland, Jameson Baltes, Trishalee Hardy
Family, 1996
Micro-Mini Kids
A young man wants to be three-inches taller to dance with his dream girl at her big party. When the growth potion he buys shrinks him down to an inch high, will he survive the killer dust rhinos, asteroid-like potato chips, and a vicious Teddy Bear hamster?

Starring: Chad Gordon, Lauren Petty, Samuel Elliot, Jessica Taylor, Kyle Chaos
Family, 1999
Midas Touch, The
An unselfish boy wants nothing more than to cure his ailing Granny's heart condition. He thinks his problems are solved when he befriends the mysterious Cat Lady and she grants his wish to have the Midas Touch, but he learns there are problems when everything you touch turns to gold!

Starring: Trever O'Brien, Ashley Lyn Cafagna, Joey Simmrin, Danna Hansen
Family, 1997
Mystery Monsters
Squidgy, Blop and Esmerelda are the strange, mischievous monster stars of a popular children's TV show. The monsters plan an escape from the show's evil host with their cunning child co-stars until an evil, alien force arrives with its own depraved intentions for the little marquee monsters.

Starring: Tim Redwine, Ashley Lyn Cafagna, Caroline Ambrose
Family, 1996
Phantom Town
When a teenager and his two young siblings set off to find their missing parents, they wind up in a ghost town that, according to maps, doesn't exist at all! The kids must confront the sinister force that dwells beneath it in order to rescue their parents - and save themselves.

Starring: John Patrick White, Taylor Locke, Lauren Summers, Jimmy Herman
Family, 1997
Search For The Jewel Of Polaris
Two kids find a magical passageway between our world and the world within museum paintings. When they transport back to a 17th century village, held under the spell of an evil sorcerer, they must rescue the Jewel of Polaris to save the village and return to our world.

Starring: Andrew James Trauth, Brianna Brown, Megan Lusk, John Duerler, Adrian Neil, Michael Lee Gogin
Family, 1999
Secret Kingdom, the
When a curious kid accidentally discovers a magnificent miniature city nestled behind the kitchen sink, he, his brother and sister are transported into a strange land. Two kingdoms from another time and place are going to war and it's up to the kids to restore peace among the people.

Starring: Billy O. Jamieson, K. Price, Tricia Dickson, Andrew Ducote
Family, 1997
Alex is not a typical kid - En route to Romania, to rescue his kidnapped parents, he finds a magical harmonica, which allows him to shape-shift into any creature he can imagine! Utilizing his new powers, he must save his parents, thwart nuclear annihilation, and hopefully discover a more conventional life.

Starring: Paul Nolan, Bill MacDonald, Catherine Blythe, Emmanuelle Vaugier
Family, 1999
Shrunken City
The tiny, bottled city of Shandar, hidden for centuries, has reawakened to find itself unprotected from a team of malicious assassins. Two kids must find a way to stop the death squad and restore power to the city before it expands to normal size - annihilating everything around it.

Starring: Michael Malota, Agnes Bruckner, Steve Valentine
Family, 1997
Spy High
When a young girl mysteriously disappears from a video game company, a team of kids goes undercover as game testers to find her. Using the latest technology, they find her, but discover a devious plot to control minds with a new video game, to be released worldwide the next morning!

Starring: Pete Jefferson, Holly Towne, Thad Luckinbill, Toby Rold, Sammy Corvey, Sacha Spencer, Colin Campbell
Family, 2001
Teen Knight
Five lucky kids win a stay at a high-tech medieval theme park, set in a castle. But when the castle is catapulted back in time during an electrical storm, the kids find themselves battling real knights and fire-breathing dragons.

Starring: Kristopher Lemche, Caterina Scorsone, Benjamin Plener, Paul Soles, Kimberly Pullis
Family, 1998
Teen Sorcery

Teenage Space Vampires

Train Quest
When two teens throw the switch on a model train set, something mysterious happens -- they shrink to miniature figures, inside the speeding train. When it makes a certain number of rotations around the track, the two will remain stuck there forever, part of the shop owner's permanent collection!

Starring: Donnie Biggs, Tanya Garrett, Christian Irimia, Jason Dohring, Shanie Calahan
Family, 2001
Unlikely Angel
A brassy and sassy lounge singer is killed in a car crash, but denied entrance into heaven because of the selfish way she lived her life. Her penance: to reunite a family by finding a mother for two children and their recently widowed father before the Christmas deadline.

Starring: Dolly Parton, Brian Kerwin, Roddy McDowall, Maria Del Mar
Family, 1996
X-treme Teens
A teen's wish comes true when an alien spacecraft lands and chooses him to help retrieve a crashed probe before it self-destructs. To locate the craft, hidden deep within his father's corporate headquarters, he is given X-Ray vision, and an obnoxious alien assistant - but will he find it in time?

Starring: Bryan Neal, Dara Hollingsworth, Dennis Haskins, Eric Jungmann, Dan Zukovic
Family, 1999
Your Mother Wears Combat Boots
When her son quits college to pursue his dream of becoming an Army Ranger, the only way his mom can stop him is to enlist herself. They strike a deal: If she can complete basic training, then he will forgo his dream and return to college.

Starring: Barbara Eden, Hector Elizondo, David Kaufman, Meagan Fay