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When not finding amusement in his personal "house band" (four beautiful girls in a cage who play on command) Virgil works on his Blood Dolls - obedient little creatures with deadly features. About to be betrayed by those he trusts, Virgil and his family of freaks will exact the ultimate revenge.

Starring: Christopher Logan, Debra Mayer, William Paul Burtis, Phil Fondacaro, Vanesa Talor
Horror, 1998
Creeps, The
Dracula, Frankenstein, The Werewolf, The Mummy - they're alive, they're tiny, and they're mad. Three-feet tall, and not happy at all, the mini-monsters embark on a mission to complete their creation at any cost!

Starring: Rhonda Griffin, Justin Lauer, Bill Moynihan, Kristin Norton
Horror, 1997
Curse Of The Puppet Master
As captives in Dr. Magrew's "House of Marvels," the puppets have watched silently as he has ruined lives with his failed human experiments. Now the puppets' hunger for revenge is the only way to stop the bloodthirsty scientist's insanity!

Starring: George Peck, Emily Harrison
Horror, 1998
Dead Hate The Living
A group of campers stumble across the remains of a ghastly secret project to revive the dead. The experiment has mixed results: The dead have come back, but with a frenzied hatred for everything that lives.

Starring: Michael Citriniti, Rhonda Griffin, Mel Johnson
Horror, 1999
Grave, The
Told from his prison cell, a man recounts his epic search for buried treasure through the Gothic swampland and cemeteries of the Deep South, and the mysterious and intriguing woman he encountered at every turn.

Starring: Craig Sheffer, Gabrielle Anwar, Eric Roberts
Suspense Thriller, 1995
An eccentric collector of biological oddities has just acquired his greatest specimen: a horrible mutant born of noxious waste. But the sickening specimen comes to life, re-animating an angry, oozing little army of ferocious freaks.

Starring: Michael Citrinti, Rhonda Griffin, Mel Johnson Jr. Jacqueline Lovell, Tracie May, Jerry O'Donnell
Horror, 1997
Killer Eye, The
To prove that the human eye is a gateway to another dimension, a brilliant ophthalmologist performs his final experiment on an unwitting homeless subject. He creates a new form of life -- a giant, invincible eye, driven by a hunger for knowledge, and a taste for young women.

Starring: Jacqueline Lovel, Jonathan Norman, Ryan Van Steenis, Dave Oren Ward, Nanette Bianchi
Horror, 1998
Last Gasp
After running a tribe off their land, a real-estate developer returns from Mexico with the curse of their dying chief. Afflicted with the consuming passion to kill and eat the victims' flesh, the developer-turned-serial murder and her ancient evil must be stopped before more are brutally slain.

Starring: Robert Patrick, Joanna Pacula, Mimi Craven, Vyto Ruginis
Horror, 1994
When an experiment in a remote desert outpost creates a merciless monster, a scientist is summoned to destroy the beast. Opposed to the experiments from the start, now trapped in the sealed compound, he can only rely on his intelligence to undo the horror that lurks within the dark halls.

Starring: Lance Henriksen, John Diehl, Natasha Wagner, Claire Stansfield
Horror, Sci Fi, 1995
Its engine roaring deafening thunder, the Murdercycle rips into our dimension from the Hell of an alien world. Set to destroy the one person on earth that prevents its immortality; the sleek, deadly being has only one mission: Kill To Live.

Starring Charles Wesley, Cassandra Ellis, Robert Donavan
Horror, Sci Fi, 1998
A space-age battle is waged for the futuristic frontier town of Oblivion in this confrontation of cowboys and aliens. A man becomes the reluctant hero, charged with saving the town from the scaly leader Redeye, his marauding hordes and 20 foot "Scorps" and a beautiful, but deadly, whip-wielding assassin.

Starring: Richard Joseph Paul, Jackie Swanson, George Takei, Musetta Vander, Michael Genovese
Sci Fi, 1994
Prison Of The Dead
During an Ouija Board séance, a group of twenty-somethings accidentally unearth undead executioners from their graves. A little confused, and quite a bit angry, the Crypt Keepers initiate a killing spree that will only end when everyone is dead.

Starring: Patrick Flood, Jeff Peterson, Samuel Page, Kim Ryan, Michael Guerin
Horror, 2000
Retro-Puppet Master
Paris, pre-WWI, and a young Andre Toulon gains the "Secret of Life" from an ancient Egyptian sorcerer. Now, Andre must use its powers to bring his puppets to life - Dr. Death, Retro-Pinhead, Cyclops, Retro-Sixshooter, and Retro-Tunneler - to battle warriors and save the woman he loves.

Starring: Greg Sestero, Brigitta Dau, Jack Donner, Stephen Blackehart, Guy Rolfe
Horror, 1999
Serpents Lair
A young couple's new home becomes infested with grotesque numbers of cats, sent by Satan's coven to nest. When the husband is seduced by the sensual Virgina, the stage is set for the Satanic forces of evil to take root, and dominate our world.

Starring: Jeff Fahey, Lisa B., Patrick Bauchau, Kathleen Noone
Horror, 1995
There is no place to hide as it morphs through walls, ceilings and floors, bringing its victims to a gruesome end. When the Shrieker is summoned, five will die tonight, and the sixth will become its master.

Starring: Tanya Dempsey, Jamie Gannon, Parry Allen, Alison Cuff
Horror, 1998
Shrunken Heads
Can a small head find love and exact revenge in this world of larger, intact humans? Three pals, killed by a biker gang and resurrected by a witch doctor as inches-tall, shrunken heads, vow to exact revenge on those who did them wrong.

Starring: Aeryk Egan, Becky Herbst, A.J. Damato, Meg Foster, Julius Harris
Horror, 1994
A group of teens get more than their money's worth at the local sideshow when the evil ringmaster, Dr. Graves, grants them their wishes. They learn that, deepest wishes can, and often do, backfire.

Starring: Michael Amos, Scott Clark, Jessica Keenan, Phil Fondacaro, Jeana Blackman
Horror, 2000
St. Francisville Experiment
Four non-actors, with no script, lock themselves in a haunted Louisiana plantation home overnight to film what takes places. The Lalaurie plantation, site of grisly murders, comes alive before their camera lens and they experience a night more terrifying and incredible than they imagined.

Starring: Paul J. Salamoff, Troy Taylor, Paul James, Madison Charap, Ryan Larson, Tim Baldini
Horror, 1999
Subspecies: The Awakening
A beautiful vampire girl fights to hold on to her humanity as her unquenchable lust for blood rises. Will she be swept into the wave of carnage as the most powerful vampire masters of all time return for a final battle?

Starring: Anders Hove, Denise Duff, Jonathon Morris, Ioana Abur
Horror, 1998
Fused to an ancient talisman for centuries, the Black Angel is summoned to open the gates of the underworld. Two teenagers have been chosen to assist the angel in his deadly mission to claim seven human sacrifices, yet they alone are the world's only hope.

Starring: Billy Parish, Walter Jones, Jason Adelman, Ilinca Goia
Horror, 1998
They Nest
In the vein of Tremors and Arachnaphobia, They Nest is a fast-paced and frightening tale of a small island's fight against a swarm of killer cockroaches who threaten to take over. When a big city doctor moves to the island to try to get his life back together after a painful divorce and a battle with alcoholism, he uncovers a much bigger problem. After a series of bizarre events and mysterious deaths, he realizes that the island is infested with a malicious, deadly breed of cockroaches. Now it's up to the doctor to convince the skeptical townspeople of the bug problem and escape the island before it is too late.

With high tech special effects and edge of your seat excitement, They Nest is an action packed disaster thrill ride.
A teenage party takes a terrifying turn when the revelers become unwitting participants in a horrific sacrificial ritual. A powerful witch has returned from the dead to exact her revenge upon the descendants of those who brutally murdered her in a witch-hunt 300 years ago!

Starring: Matt Raftery, Monica Serene Garnich, Brooke Mueller
Horror, 1999
Witchouse 2
The Witch is back…The powerful, ancient witch Lillith and her coven return to resurrect a centuries-old plague and wreak their vengeance upon the townspeople. Or is someone else trying to cover up the town's dark secrets, murdering everyone who stands in the way?

Starring: Ariauna Albright, Elizabeth Hobgood, Nicholas Lanier, Kaycee Shank
Horror, 1998